Fixing MPEG codec Totem


When I try to playing mp3 song in fedora 11 Leonidas with Totem Media Player, an error message ocurred, "The Playback of this movie requires a MPEG-1 layer 3 (MP3) decoder plugin which is not installed".
Altough I have allready updated fix bugs of all Gstreamer for Totem but It still error message appear when you playing MP3 song.

Even reinstalling MPEG demuxer for GStream and Install GStreamer codecds using PackageKit, but It still won't work!!
Hey what's the matter??
When I read release notes in fedora 11, there was a License problem in MPEG decoder for Totem.
I did searching uncle google with keyword Fixing MPEG codec Totem , I found the problem, I must install gstreamer package for bad plugins.
how do I doing this while in the add remove software GPK (Gnome PackageKit) there is no such package (GStreamer package for bad plugins).
I stressed out...
Thinking for a while....
Yes, I got Idea to fixing MPEG codec for Totem, I will use another mp3 player to get correct version/ alternative of GStreamer plugins that support MPEG decoder.
I choose VLC media player, here's the step to install VLC media player: rpmfusion-free-release-stable.noarch.rpm for F9, F10 and F-11
2.right click the package , open with package installer Terminal,
#yum install vlc

What I do next??
I open add remove software to see what new available codecs after installing vlc media player, but new problem was appear, I can't view Package collection.
I tried to clean all the cache include doing #yum clean all , but I Still can't view the package collection.
I think maybe there was a bug in yum backend, I decide to repackage my lovely blue Leonidas :)
#yum erase PackageKit
#yum clean all
#yum install PackageKit
#yum install gnome-packagekit

Open add remove sofware GPK, and install again all gstreamer needed by Totem, include "Install GStreamer codecds using PackageKit".
After repackage gnome-packagekit Now I can see GStreamer Package for bad plugins in add remove software GPK :)

Lalala... Now I can play MP3 song smoothly with Totem. Hore2...

Thanks for reading my stories, happy weekend all :)


Free Your Mind said...

next posting about award dari temen2 yang belum aq posting, Gomenasai... ;)

ernest said...

mencari informasi disini ..

×÷·´¯`·.·•[ peace ]•·.·´¯`·÷× said...

Mantab gan ini yang aku butuhin banget,makasih infonya bozz...sorry baru OL nich habis mudik.mampir juga ke blogku yang baru sob tapi lom kelar semua

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