Modify Login Sound


modify login sound

Are You Bored with system default login sound??
Let's try something fresh with modify login sound

Modify Linux Login Sound

Open terminal,
xnuxer@blue-ice#cd /usr/share/sounds/freedesktop/stereo
xnuxer@blue-ice stereo#mv desktop-login.ogg
(rename old login sound)
Make your own sound and name it as desktop-login.ogg , place it in the same folder.

Modify Xp Login Sound
There were 3 ways to doing this: %systemroot%\Media , rename Windows XP Startup.wav with Windows XP StartupOld.wav
Make your own sound and name it as Windows XP Startup.wav , place it in the same folder. regedit, goto key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\Schemes\Apps\.Default\SystemStart\.Current", modify value for "C:\Windows\Media\Windows XP Startup.wav" with your new sound path name,
e.g "C:\Windows\Media\UltraSound.wav".
Place your new sound (UltraSound.wav) in the same path (C:\Windows\Media).

3. Open Sound and Audio Devices in Start Menu> Settings> Control Panel, Choose Tab Sound, make new sound schemes then save it, Scroll program events and browse your sound :)

Thanks for reading my simple article about Modify Login Sound, have a nice day :D