Vote For Muslim in German


vote for muslim in german

A freedom to choose a religion is human right, but now in Germany, the religion of Islam is questionable whether it is proper to be part of germany?

Well as the brother of fellow Muslims rightly we support, by participating in the voting conducted by the site

that site said "his speech on the Day of German Unity President Wulff stressed that Christianity and Judaism were part of Germany. That is our Christian-Jewish history. And he made it clear: "But Islam is now also to Germany." Do you agree?

Editor's note: This poll is closed since October - a vote is not possible since then. Nevertheless, this survey is currently being "applied" in multiple networks - why, we do not know."

How to participate?
just go to , Choose "Ja" and send with click "Zur Auswertung"

Be quickly, vote only available until october 2011, tell your friends as much as you can, thanks for reading my article about Vote For Muslim in German.


blog item said...

ohh yeah,,,i will vote this :)

Free Your Mind said...

@blog item, thanks ya sudah berpartisipasi :)

BimBim said...

Ijin Mantau Gan

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