Remove Blog Posts Status Messages


Remove Blog Posts Status Messages

After Sharing about XL Speed test and Hardening Linux, Now I will share You about How to Remove Blog Posts Status Messages on Blogger, You can remove a gray box that display Posts status messages.

The blog posts status messages will appear when:
1. No Posts Message
2. Searching in pages
3. Showing Label or blog categories

To Remove blog posts status message, Here are steps:
1. Go to Design, edit HTML, select Expand Widget Templates

2. Search (ctrl+f3) <b:includable id='status-message'>

3. Remove this codes :

Remove Blog Posts Status Messages

4. Finish , Save Template

After remove blog posts status mesage, the gray box status message will disappear :) .
Thanks for reading my simple tutorial about how to remove blog posts status messages on blogger .


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rachmat said...

@Sample Messages and @confrerence lines, thank you buddy, your comments gave me a motivation to get better in the next posting :)

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Alat Laboratorium said...

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Bob Firdaus said...

it work!!!! thanks Man! love <3

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