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cool seo tips

Intermezzo of Cool SEO Tips,
Without a proper keyword combination it would rather be difficult to be listed in a top ten in SERP. The are two technique in Optimizing your blog in Search Engines, 1st technique's called white hat SEO which blogger only optimizing their link with good content, backlink building, blogwalking, and keyword optimizing, 2nd technique's called black hat SEO which blogger can use cloacking tricks, spamming and viral link. I think all of you allready know about it, right?
I used white hat SEO techniques to optimize my blog rank in SERP,

Here are Cool SEO Tips (white hat SEO) to increase our rank in SERP
1. Make posting with your own taste (original)
2. Optimizing your Metatag with keyword and description
3. Optimizing your combination between keyword and content, Find the best keyword!!
4. Exchage your link with blog high PR
5. Subscribe your posts to social bookmarks (e.g delicious, technorati,googlebookmarks, stumbleupon etc)
6. For images in your posting don't leave alt="" empty (name it with your title), e.g alt="Cool SEO Tips"
7. Use link checker to investigate broken link
8. Use Bold or Italic for keyword in your content e.g Cool SEO Tips
9. Give "Linking in" to another article in your blog
10. Ping your blog or your feed to google ping service , each time after You've done update new article
11. Don't overdo with Javascript, more faster loading pages are more friendly to google bot crawling your site
12. Use google webmaster to see report from google bot crawling your site
13. Keep your blog up to date with fresh article (that will increasing your blog in google barrel)
14. Leave comment on another blog (this will help to increasing your link popularity)
15. Be patient, Hard working and don't forget to blogwalking (to increase alexa rank) .

There is a lot more to search engine optimization, and there are always more details when looking at an individual site. But these cool seo tips should help any website significantly improve its rankings.

Don't easy to statisfied with your nice works (SEO optimizing), Is not enough to be a top ten in google SERP.
It would be a waste of your time to optimize your website for keywords that are not even being searched for. Therefore you should invest some energy into finding the best keywords. There are several SEO tools available on the Internet to help you find the best keywords. Tip: Don't be deceived by organizations that require you to register first. The two most popular resources are Free WordTracker and

Thanks for reading my Cool SEO tips, good luck!!


Free Your Mind said...

rachmat pengen diterima google adsense jadi 10 artikel berikutnya bhs inggris semua (walopun masih belepetan ^_^)

mocca_chi said...

hahahaha... daftar adsensenya baru mau ya? wkwkw

aku daftarnya nopember 08, sekarang bikin blog, posting bahasa inggris sebiji,daftar besoknya diapruv. am i lucky? wkwkwkwk

Yolizz said...

waduuhh,, SEO lagi neehh... ehehe... ga ngerti :p

Iqbal said...

keren deh.... tar aku coba tips-tipsnya...

Henny Y.Caprestya said...

ooh..gitu toh caranya. selama ini aku selalu bingung, sampai akhirnya link ku merosot drastis dan PR sampe n/a
semoga saja tips ini bisa membantuku

IHSAN said...

wah keren artikelnya


Darkfarmer said...

nice info, friends,, :D

gleenn said...

yes, i use white hat optimizing technique too, ;) thanks for sharing.

Edwin's personal blog said...

Mas rachmat, trims ya infonya. Ada beberapa infonya yg memang selama ini belum saya lakukan. Semoga nanti bisa membantu pecahin telur google PR hehehe... Sukses selalu...

sumartono said...

Hi bro, nice tips. your blog is great.

Valter said...

Hello my friend, thank you very much for the visit, Thursday of happiness and peace. Valter.

JT said...

ini dia yg lagi dicari. complete info.
mudah2an bisa dikerjakan ni n GOOOOOALL, jangan lupa bantu terus yeeee :D

×÷·´¯`·.·•[ peace ]•·.·´¯`·÷× said...

sip sip mantab gan infonya nich aq ikutin dech sapa tau isa naik PR jembluk ku,nice posting.

jual laptop toshiba said...

Manteep deh....

javabis99 | Bisnis n Hobby Blog said...

ggod article my friend.

munna said...

Hey nice article thnx for the info.It is very useful for me....also check this blogs its awesome...

How to make your blog popular importent SEO tips

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